Can I sign up for just one month?

Yes, but you'll need to cancel the subscription as all purchases are subscription based.


How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellations must be completed by the subscriber by logging into their account and modifying their subscriptions. Emails sent to Grand Slam Card Club will NOT be accepted.


How quickly after I order does my box ship?

Your initial box will ship within 72 business hours and every 30 days after that.


Are there any hidden fees?

No, we do not charge any extra fees or shipping costs. You will pay the advertised price plus taxes.


Do your boxes include only hobby packs?

Baseball - Yes, we do everything in our power to only provide hobby packs but may occasionally include Topps Opening Day, Topps Gallery or Topps Holiday packs. We only purchase retail boxes that have guaranteed hits. 95% will be hobby packs.

Football - The majority of our packs will be hobby packs. We may add a few retail packs, but only from boxes that guarantee at least 2 hits. This allows us to offer more 2018-2022 packs.


Have the packs been searched?

Absolutely not. It would do us no good to take all the hits from the packs. Our business model is only successful if our customers are happy with their rips!